It is a scientist’s word but it is well known by people that unfortunately suffer from it as well as by their entourage.

After a sprained or a fractured ankle or wrist, it doesn’t heal well after weeks, months or even years. . . It still hurts (that’s the meaning of algo). Then you begin consulting doctors. Dystrophy means the joint is not fed, and the material needed to repair it doesn’t get to it. Why? Because of a neurological disorder; the reason of it is very often psycho affective. In the case of a child, his Dad drinks, in the case of another he has left home or is engaged in a conflict with Mom. It’s the same with adults: a problem with the spouse, the son, the daughter. . . A second problem is that the patient comes to my office a year after wandering from doctor to doctor.

For fractures, in homeopathy:

Symphytum 5 CH, for the healing of the bones

Calendula 5 CH, for the wound

Arnica, for traumas

Staphysagria 15 CH, for conflicts, 2 or 3 granules daily.

Acupuncture can be done on the contralateral joint (on the other side) if the one to be treated is in plaster. Gym and reeducation (Fendenkreis type gym, for instance) will also be made on the contralateral member. For instance, if the right wrist is in plaster, it will be informed by the soft and harmonious moves of the left one in space of what can be done. That type of gym informs one side of the brain that will transmit symmetrically to the other side because the brain actually receives only one message. I hope I have been clear. Anyway, to sum it up: if a member is immobilized, do the gym with the one on the other side.

Once algoneurodystrophy is installed, the best results can be obtained with mesotherapy. With synthetic human calcitonin (Cibacalcine) I have witnessed quick and splendid recoveries. Calcitonin is the hormone that manages calcium in the body. Cibacalcine is not sold anymore on the French market. If the same has occurred in your country, you may try Miacalcic ® with a doctor that practices mesotherapy. Reminder: 99% of our calcium is in the bones, solid and fixed while the remaining 1% is ionic (Ca++, active and circulating).

I have often seen phobias and spasmophilia associated to algoneurodystrophy. Spasmophilia is frequently due to a disorder of magnesium and, by the way, calcium metabolism.

We all know how absurd food phobias can be especially in children who say they don’t like something they have never even tasted. I ask of them to try a small spoonful of it. It’s the same with oysters even in adults: someone that has never tried them will, the first time, only eat one.

But, back to algoneurodystrophy and its link with phobias and spasmophilia: a spasm occurs when a muscle contracts without having been ordered to. It is also due to a disorder of calcium metabolism.

Another trouble with calcium use comes from forced overconsumption of calcium found in dairy products which are not correctly used by the body and may only worsen the situation.

Drink Quinton hypertonique .This is simply sea water cold sterilized by microfiltration; it is therefore alive. The Quinton Plasma will bring magnesium with more than eighty metals and metalloids of the Mendeleev table dissolved in sea water. It is a real regenerating and revitalizing cure.


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