Also named “fire stoppers.”

 One of my cousins told me once he had received from his grandmother the gift of being able to “kill the fire” and would one day pass it to me.

 The day came with a new patient of mine. He was a doctor and therefore specially difficult to treat. He was just out of the Cochin Hospital, in Paris, where the medical team did not know what to do with him. This was his story:

 One night, he is wakened by the yelling of his two little girls. The bedside lamp is on fire and has set afire the curtains. The fire has spread to the whole room. His first fatherly impulse makes him grab the plastic lamp which stays glued to his hand. When, with the other hand, he snatches it out, the skin stays tied to it. I phone my cousin. Bingo! He is home and transfers his gift to me. I explain to my patient and colleague what it’s all about and ask for his agreement. I do the session, adding acupuncture and homeopathy. I call that “suspenders and belt.”Afterward two or three more acupuncture sessions. One day, I receive a gift of expensive fruit in a basket; he cancels our next appointment because he has resumed with his work.

 Since then I have healed hundreds of lightly or severely burned people. Results have always been as spectacular, with pain decreasing very quickly followed by complete recovery.

 And now, another example. One of my patients is very worried. Her two-year-old nephew is in the Jeanne de Flandres Hospital is the north of France. Having pulled the tablecloth off the table, he has spilled on himself the boiling teapot. Even the muscles have been affected and his status is critical. I ask her if she has a photo of him. After getting an affirmative answer, I am able to develop my session while looking at his image on my cell-phone screen. The boy is about 150 miles away. Two days later I am informed that he has healed and been released from the hospital.

 Lucia, a healer friend from Savoy the “gift” can also be effective on shingles since nerves “burn”.

 It can also be effective in cases of burns caused by radiotherapy. One of my patients suffered from intense pain in the chest after being treated for breast cancer. Coughing and pain stopped immediately after the session.

And also in cases of laser burns. Let me tell you one more story. A young woman in her thirties suffered from great pain in the eyes when she woke up in the morning and her eyes remained dry since a laser surgery she had had six months before to rectify myopia. Once again, results were immediate.

 I have been told that some hospitals resort to healers when confronted with severely burned patients.

 On the other hand, I tried to no avail to heal a severe “burn” that resisted the anti-acids prescribed in cases of peptic esophagitis due to acid reflux: no result whatsoever, but let us not be discouraged.

 Try to find a “fire killer” in your entourage because it is always better to be in direct contact. If you don’t find one, you may contact:

                                         Richard + 33 (0)6 47 33 07 61

                                      who can answer in English, Spanish and French.

  All this brings to my mind the people that walk on fire without being burned in the Island of Reunion or elsewhere in the world.

 And the medieval ordeal (“judgment of God”) when those who speak the truth are not burned when dipping their hands in boiling water.

 One must, of course, always ask for the patient’s consent.

 Surprisingly, some people say they prefer suffering from their burns rather than ruin their souls by resorting to such a procedure.

 It is said the person that has such a gift should not divulge it lest losing it or see it lessened.

 Lucia who has practiced the gift for years refuses to be paid because if she did, it wouldn’t work. But she likes chocolates!


 Before the characteristic eruption of brunches of blisters on reddish blotches appears, you may have felt during three or four days accesses of fever and digestive troubles, and you may have shivered or felt faint.

 Shingles is dreadful because of the pain it causes. It starts stealthily but is extremely painful when it sets in. It is generally one-sided a fact that may help make an early diagnosis. It hits the nerves and may be identified under the skin through small scattered eruptions on the nerves endings. In fact, all the nerve is affected.

 Shingles develop more frequently on the thorax and the abdomen. The most dangerous and severe are the ophthalmic, auricular or even genital shingles may occur.

 After four weeks under allopathic treatment, nagging and unbearable post-zosterian pain may persist, sometimes for life, especially among elderly patients. Two cases impressed me particularly:

 1 °) a catholic priest (by essence opposed to suicide) killed himself.

2 °) a patient who suffered so much in the scrotum that years after the onset of the disease, he asked to be operated on to have his testicles removed.

 All alternative medicines work without aftereffects: acupuncture, chirosomatotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, etc. Let it also be said that good country healers exist.

As for acupuncture, one of my masters, an army doctor who was in Djibouti(Africa) from 1939 to 1945—when drugs were not available—told me needles could be inserted all over the occipital zone. He said he had cured that way the wife of a Professor of the Academy of Medicine without telling him!

 I have heard that in the Pyrenees, sick people had themselves “carried” by the healer. Does that mean he prays?

 Conventional medicine, official and dominant, prescribes sedatives (neuroleptics) against pain. They don’t prevent that terrible and regrettable

post-zosterian pain that should not exist anymore nor be accounted for by consulting doctors.

 Unfortunately, when the unfortunate patient comes to me five weeks after the first symptom, the improvement is very slight; I continue helping him for fear of inducing a “nocebo” effect; this is the contrary of a placebo effect: by telling him it will be a long road to recovery, he may feel discouraged, even worse, he may give up.

 Conclusion: when shingles occur, rush to the acupuncturist (a daily session for three days).



Vaccinotoxinum 7 CH, 5 granules every other day for 8 days

 2 granules a day.

 Staphilococcinum 7CH   -ditto—alternatively.

Rhus Tox  5 CH:

-Copper and Sulfur Oligosol, trace element  twice a day alternatively every other day.


-Dr. Valnet’s Tegarome directly on the eruptions or on a compress. Tegarome will also prove useful after mosquito bites specially in tropical countries. Have it permanently in your pocket.

Magnesium chloride to strengthen the immune system, a pinch in a glass of water every morning after breakfast.

 Natural vitamins:

-Wheat germ oil and brewer’s yeast will provide all the B group vitamins to nourish nerves.

—Organic apples, eaten with their skin will provide catechin and polyphenols to potentiate a hundred fold vitamin C.

-Vitamin D.

 As in all severe pathologies, a healthy diet is called for: no alcoholic drinks (the most important rule to heal nerves); fruit and fresh vegetables for their nutritive value; fish rich in omega 3 such as fresh mackerels or sardines cooked in a court bouillon or marinated in cider vinegar or in lemon.

 ….and also, avoid overworking… .

 A week of convalescence without traveling 10,000 miles … “to rest.”

 And, it may seem obvious, remember to avoid bursting open or fiddling with the erupted vesicles.

 As for painkillers (such as neuroleptics), orally or locally administered, they have no positive results on the long-term healing. I even think they may rather act against a good rebuilding of the damaged nerve.

 All the shingles I have treated in the first days of their occurring, wherever located and whatever the age of the patient (but especially when the elderly) cleared up quickly in a few days and without sequels.

 Shingles do not immunize well: it is not unusual to have two or three times in a lifetime or even close together.

 Although it generally hits adults (children get the chickenpox which is caused by the same virus). I saw and treated recently a six-year-old little girl that had ophthalmic shingles. I was able to insert three acupuncture needles while she slept, sedated, in her mother’s arms. She recovered after that session.

 As for any serious illness, an extensive check-up should be made, because  the shingles could mask another nasty ailment; it is a good opportunity for self-awareness since the warning lights are lit.

 To sum it up, I like saying shingles is an “acupuncture emergency”.


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