The calcaneal spur grows under the heel. What a strange name! It comes from “calcaneum,” the heel bone on which is hooked the Achilles tendon.

The spur is visible on X-rays of the calcaneum. It is the same size as the thorns that grow on the largest rosebush trunks. On a rosebush, it may protect it against predators; but on a heel, it could only protect you from excessive walking since it hurts as if there was a pebble in the shoe. It is disabling and occurs increasingly. I have seen many especially since I have found the key to its healing, sometimes in only one therapy session.

How does this bone excrescence grow? Well, it grows on a tendon that clings to the heel just like a stalactite. Calcareous concretions will form on the calcaneum following the path

of the tendon. They harden, grow and become very painful, sometimes on one foot, sometimes on both feet.

There is a homeopathic remedy to it:

 Hekla lava 4 CH

An infinitesimal solution of lava from the Hekla volcano in Iceland which is frequently blamed for the growth of the spur on the feet of the sheep that graze on vast areas of that magnificent country that remains as beautiful as ever. But enough about tourism! Incidentally, that is not the volcano responsible for the growth of a spur on air traffic in April 2010: that was the Ejafjiol.

But there is also a chiropractic manipulation which I discovered one day which I will now tell you about.

One of my clients had a calcaneal spur and I had prescribed a homeopathic treatment. However, as it is well known, that marvelous medicine is slow acts slowly on patients that suffer from a chronic disease and decide to consult a homeopath after the failure of official medicine. This particular elderly patient that consulted me for a panoply of problems told me that the pain on the heel had disappeared after he fell when the second ring of a ladder broke, and he had brutally landed on his heel.

A real discovery.

I am familiar with structural osteopathy which deals with the edifice of our body and differs from energetic osteopathy, which deals with magnetic currents. Therefore, in the light of such an unexpected and spectacular recovery, the idea came to me of reproducing the phenomena with my other patients.

I had them lie face down with their tibias raised upwards and my left hand—the clumsy one—holding the foot. I then pounded the spur with my closed right fist (on the side of the little finger) like a hammer with the forearm being its handle… The blow must be delivered straight along the leg.

The expected result was there; people suffering from a calcaneum spur came to me from everywhere since one tends to communicate about one’s suffering; it is normal to look for people that have recovered from what ails us.

This is why I do not want to die … before transmitting this to doctors in love with their craft and who enjoy healing ailing people.

When I say “heal,” I mean to eliminate suffering forever, not just fill my patients with “anti”products which they will learn to distrust because of their side effects.

This is perhaps the only discovery or invention I have made in my forty years of experience in medicine. If I may modestly say so, that’s not too bad. So, dear colleagues, try it or write to me.

The formation of these osteophytes derives from a disruption of the process that regulates movements and exchanges of bone calcium that both dissolves and solidifies. In this case, solidification develops near the bone, on the tendons or the soft parts of them. It is as if, in an automobile, the metal of the wheels, dissolved and liquified by acids (electrolysis) instead of settling again on the metallic and solid structures, would fix itself on the rubber of the tires thus forming a metallic point or a nail. This would then puncture the gum as it happens with the cartilages that surround the bones and act as shock absorbers.In order to prevent the occurrence, I prescribe:

Parathyroid 5 CH (dilution of the hormone that controls calcium equilibrium).Dissolvurol.

Silicea 7 CH, the medicine for keeping in form, of structure, of the skeleton; this prevents pernicious changes in limestone and calcium that would, without it, continue their “wrong” construction and deconstruction.

A calcaneal spur is not much of a problem; it’s a warning. If the treatment succeeds, it will prevent the next episodes of the pathology: the patients will be prevented from using anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and other stomach-damaging drugs.

I also prescribe Osteoclem (Lehnings Labs) four months in cases developing arthrosis.

Hurray for alternate medicines!

Hurray for plural medicines!

Long live health!

Let’s stay alive until our last day!

Alive! Joyful! Curious!

Healing is a great blessing; for a therapist it is exhilarating.

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