Means very often sterility + unbearable pain

« To devote oneself entirely to a work of lasting significanceone must be sure it will not perish with oneself”. TOLSTOI

 The endometer  is a mucous membrane that lines the inside of the womb. It is meant to receive the fertilized egg for its nidification in the womb. If there has been no impregnation, the endometer normally peels off at the end of every cycle. It is menstruation.

 Endometriosis is a pathology that occurs when cells from the mucous membrane of the womb migrate abnormally to nearby areas such as the ovaries, the peritoneum, the bladder, the intestines and even the inside of the womb. In this case it is called adenomycosis.

 When comes the cycle, the mucous membranes duly bleed but in a case of endometriosis, the menses cannot be evacuated through the vagina. Some will appear in the stools or the urine but those that have not found a way out will get encysted resulting in great pain during one or two weeks.

 Endometriosis is, furthermore, responsible for approximately half the cases of feminine sterility. If it appears belatedly, women will have had the time enough to procreate. If, however, they get it when in their twenties, young women might never bear a child except if… Read what follows.

 And now, the treatments:

 Surgery is complex because it is generally difficult to remove all the cells that have spread and colonized the environment.

 Allopathy puts forward a chemical menopause cure based on masculine hormones. It is not quite satisfactory and often very difficult to bear by the patient.

 Alternate medicines are not sufficient notwithstanding ice bags against pain, sitz baths, hypnosis and yoga that help ease pain and accept sterility. Acupuncture and homeopathy are a good help in treating incurable pathologies.

 *PC sedative.  Sugar-coated pills and suppositories against stress and pain.

*Uterus 4 CH.  Daily, every other month.

*Thuya 7CH.      -Ditto-

*Nux vomica  5 CH.

  One should never despair.

 I found on the Internet an Italian research report that mentions that vegetarian women, especially those who do not eat red meat or pork do not get endometriosis.

 I mentioned the fact to a lady friend seeking my advice. She answered, “I never eat pork…” Her husband reminded her softly: “But, darling, everyday day you take a slice of ham to work.” She let out: “Oh, then…!”.

 The medical profession has in common something with that of a detective: you have to repeat your questions and redefine words: for many, ham is good for sick people.

 A few weeks after they change their eating habits, my patient informed me the pain had decreased to a point it couldn’t be compared to what she had suffered before.

This confirms the harmfulness of excessive meat consumption in cases of a pathology considered up to now incurable.

 Overproduction of bovine and pork meat in the last fifty years is probably one of the causes of the growing occurrence of endometriosis.

 But, if all the women that eat too much bovine and pork meat don’t get endometriosis, what other illnesses do they risk getting?

 This is a very pertinent question: endometriosis is so serious one may be justified in worrying about other pathologies, probably just as serious, that excessive consumption of bovine and pork meat may cause: cancers, overweight, cerebral vascular accidents, anxiety, aggressiveness, etc.

 I have good reasons to hope that after the pain has subsided, fertility could return, especially if the change in eating habits occurs early enough. Ladies and gentlemen, write me to announce a happy event!

 I also remember the testimony of a lady aged 50 who could not have a child despite several IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments. However, the pain had disappeared since she had stopped eating red meat. She told me: “I just ate some once!”

 Human dentition includes only four canines. Herbivores have none except the stallion that bites the mare during intercourse. We humans may be classified as small carnivores so, for a better health, let’s not eat too much meat!


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