The classic form of insomnia is the difficulty to go to sleep rapidly. In such a case, the insomniac endlessly counts sheep, prays, breathes in and out, watches the tense parts inside his body, evokes pleasant (or unpleasant!) memories, or indulges in erotic thoughts to prevent being overwhelmed by worries, problems or humiliations. He finally becomes aware that he has only a few hours left to sleep…

 How can we prevent having that obsessive thought: tomorrow I have a difficult day and here I am, sleepless. Don’t add to it by being edgy: drink a glass of water, get up and go for a short walk in that nice nearby little garden or read a few pages of an interesting book if you are able to concentrate; or perhaps you can listen to the radio like a child that needs to be told a story before going to sleep; going to sleep with the radio on avoids thinking … but you listen to other people’s thoughts and sometimes to terrible news.

 Maybe establishing a ritual could help? For instance, a foot bath or, why not, vigorously scratching one’s foot soles?

 —D-Stress for a few days, when going to bed and when rising in the morning.

—Passiflora Complex (homeopathy).

—Bach Elixir.

– SOMDOR, Laboratoire des Granions


 —Coffea 9 CH, around 5 p.m.

-Aconite 7 CH, also around 5 p.m.

Bulbinum 9 CH, one hour before bedtime.

  Nux Vomica, once again, 5 CH or 15 CH, the “all-purpose” of homeopathy;

 If there has been previously:

 -a physical or psychic trauma, Arnica 9 CH or 30 CH

-one or more upsets, Staphysagria 15 CH

-one or more frights, Opium 7 CH

-apprehension, Gelsemium 15 CH

 And also Sedatif PC that can be taken in excess!

 Phytotherapy, two plants:

Tilia Tormentosa TM, 50 drops,

Escholzia TM, 50 drops.

 and acupuncture.


 . Coffee, especially in the afternoon.

. Exciting pictures in the evening

. Too much rich food and alcoholic beverages in the evening.

 But, above all, avoid allopathic sleeping pills and tranquilizers (except occasionally) of the benzodiazepine class (a big family, there are at least twenty of them) recognizable because the name of the molecule generally ends in—azepam. Avoid them because:

-they create a terrible dependency if the treatment lasts one, two or three weeks.

-they may induce falls in the night among youngsters (but even more among the elderly).

-they reduce memory even more so when it is feeble.

-they induce sleepiness in car drivers a daily increasing cause of death on highways.

-they are suspected in Alzheimer’s illness.

-associated with alcoholic drinking, they become a dangerous drug.

 The above list is non-exhaustive.

 On the other hand, herbal teas are harmless.

 In case of teeth grinding, the dentist will install a cradle-like splint to wear during sleep. Teeth-grinding is bad because it uses prematurely the lower incisors … and the bed partner is disturbed by the noise.

 In case of snoring you may try the ANTISNOR a silver ring with two little spurs inside that press an acupuncture point on the exterior side of the left-hand pinkie; snoring will disturb your roommates that will want to awaken you unless your own snoring awakes you; some people hear themselves snoring!

 In another type of insomnia, the victim awakens two, three or four hours after having gone to sleep and may stay awake sometimes up to three hours in the middle of the night with the risk of becoming nervous. It seems that in this case, digestive functions may be blamed or more specifically liver/gall-bladder functions (for the latter, it’s the right time according to Chinese medicine).

Insomnia will induce tiredness at work and, what is worse, drowsiness moments at any time of the workday; for instance, at 10 a.m. while watching slides in a meeting or after a meal, however light. The patient benefits from a significant improvement if he can enjoy a siesta even as short as ten minutes to recharge his battery.

Drowsiness shows that the previous night’s sleep has not been refreshing:

it doesn’t hold charges.

 Nowadays it is possible to record in detail one’s sleep of a night in the hospital. More recently it appears to be possible at home. The objective is to detect sleep apneas, and the test is done under the control of a pneumonologist. If they reach a certain level, it will be necessary for the patient to breathe at night with the assistance of a machine that will increase the pressure of air. This is annoying but very efficient and useful because sleep apneas are dangerous and may cause a stroke.

 That examination may reveal an R.L.S. (restless leg syndrome, also called Willis-Ekbom disease a more serious-sounding name) which somepatients suffer from even during the day. Official medicine prescribes anti-Parkinson drugs and/or benzodiazepines. I have already described the damaging effects of the latter. As for anti-Parkinson drugs, they are a heavy, difficult to bear treatment; and, if you stop the treatment you may induce a “rebound effect” i.e. an increase of the symptoms and a possible

worsening of the situation.

 Consequently I am continuing my research through alternative medicine (those I know, and those I am quite ready to get acquainted with) since when I am facing a problem I always look for a non-aggressive solution.

 If you have an answer to this pathology, please let me know.

 At the moment, dynamic neurofeedback, also called NeurOptimal® seems promising; I am waiting… It consists in combining music with an encephalogram. When the brain receives too much electric impulses, the music stops a fraction of a second to allow the brain to self-regulate.

 W.E.D. is often hereditary. Identification of it lies in five pairs of chromosomes.

 Some people find relief when enjoying a cruise ! That points, perhaps  cause of a circulation problem of the liquid in the brain; children go to sleep more easily when rocked; it may remind them the time they were still floating in amniotic liquid!






 -all three together or simultaneously.

 Darkness is desirable; it is not always easy to obtain, so get yourself a mask for the eyes.

 If there is too much noise in your room, the Panasonic RP-HC500 device may help you. It consists in earphones that deliver a complementary noise

that neutralizes environmental noise such as, for instance, roadworks.

It may also be useful if you are in the train, facing during five hours three uncontrolled children whose parents are either overwhelmed or depressed

or have read the books of certain therapists that think you must let children express themselves and do whatever they want. Try the device: you will hear the children but at an acceptable level. It is currently used by peopleworking on jet engines but also by people living near an airport, or against noisy neighbors, highways, frequent fire or police vehicles sirens, etc.

 As it is impossible to change the world, it is necessary to protect oneself.



Osteoporosis is responsible for many fractures and compressions.

 Because of aging, psychological and affective traumas (betrayals, bereavements, physical and mental shocks) and pollution (sometimes due to medicines such as anti-hormones given to slow down hormone-dependent cancers) bones will lose part of its mineral density. Note that astronauts as well as long-time bedridden patients suffer from this!

 A simple and remarkable technique, densitometry, allows measuring the loss.

 There is a natural osteoporosis, soft and progressive. It’s not very dangerous. But there is a pathological osteoporosis, outside the normal bracket of evolution.

It’s best known manifestation is the femoral neck fracture. The person falls, the bone breaks. Does the bone break by itself causing the fall or is it the contrary?

Or then, vertebrae get compressed, people lose ten to fifteen centimeters, fold in on themselves and become hunchbacked. Or you also get wrist fractures, humeral head fractures… That’s the picture.

Add to that muscular wasting especially of the quadriceps. This will have you trip over a carpet because you are not strong enough to lift your feet when walking. The deltoid also “melts” and that nice little old man will not outstretch his arms when stumbling and therefore fall in a heap.

Just like a beat-up old car can become a collector’s item (how beautiful it is!) thanks to an overhaul that will have you, for instance, change the brake hoses that have become brittle, the above-mentioned muscles (quadriceps and deltoid) must be well kept.

 It’s your play now. Get to work!

 Work your quadriceps and your deltoids the way as I have told you in various articles of this book. And I repeat it.

Standing up,

Eyes looking at horisontal, as far as possible

The two feet on the floor, heels on the floor

Very very small movement, up and down. (It is not your knee joint that works, it is your quadriceps, the frontal muscleof your thigh.)

By the way, left up your arms, your arm very straight,

Your movements up and down will make working the deltoïd muscle, the one covering the shoulder.

 An other exercice, is to walk bare feet on the heels.

 Coming back to komeopathy


Cortisone 9CH. Cortisone is the most prescribed medicine in homeopathy. But don’t go around saying you are “on cortisone”

because people may get confused and give you a funny look.

 May I repeat again that in homeopathy there is no matter. Cortisone 9 CH is an infinitesimal dilution and even the finest chemical analysis wouldn’t find the slightest trace of the cortisone

that was used in making it. Let’s make it clear.

 I have seen densitometry figures that have gone back to normal after five years of treatment with Cortisone 9 CH once a week.

Meanwhile, advertising and media make us believe we must consume dairy products and saturate our body with calcium that cannot be assimilated. In turn, this calcium will cause kidney and vesicular stones, the growth of osteophytes (aberrant bones such as the well-known spinal osteophyte). Note that osteoporosis is less frequent in China, in Japan or in Thailand where consumption of milk and dairy products is much lower than in Europe. On the other hand, the Swede who drink a lot of milk gets it very often. So?

But you will find many publications in which professors and researchers allow themselves to advertise in favor of agribusiness.

Do they get royalties? It’s sad but human.

 One of the pernicious effects of the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the fact it dissolves in the sea where it changes into carbonic acid; carbonic acid then weakens coral as well as all carbonic organic structures. We are made of the same material as the white and brittle cliffs; when these get infiltrated by acid rain and freeze before being exposed to the sun, they end by crumbling down into the sea. Cliffs recess into land at a speed of thirty meters every hundred years…

 Many of our illnesses are acid: colds, rheumatism, excess of uric acid. It’s because our food is too acid.

 What foods are alkaline (the contrary of acid)?

 The main one is potatoes, but also bananas, almonds and chestnuts. Note that in the last half of a century potato consumption has decreased by 50%. But you must take into account that potatoes should not be cooked in fat (as French fries):

fat contains fatty acids that will neutralize the basic, alkaline properties of that valuable food. What’s more, once cooked, potatoes should be eaten quickly because it oxydates, takes a greenish color and can become toxic. What can we say about frozen and precooked potatoes? Nothing good.

 In the north of France where they eat plenty of mussels with French fries, overweight, cancers, etc. are twice as frequent as in the rest of the country. However, as a compensation, you can eat mussels, the food that contains the most iodine, or a steak tartare (with a green salad instead of the fries).

 Some allopathic drugs such as anticancer agents for the breast or the prostate may induce osteoporosis. This unwanted effect may be reduced by making oneself a homeopathic dilution following the Korsakov method I have described elsewhere in this book. This type of dilution can be used for all drugs that must be taken daily for life such as anti-hypertension, anti-herpes, anti B hepatitis…

Will also have to be treated by psychotherapy major affective traumas such as a betrayal, breach of engagement, wrongful dismissal, serious illness or death of a loved person, accident, aggression, war damage, bankruptcy, etc.

All pathologies are multifactorial. You just have to start by treating one of their causes.

 Many allopathic drugs have proved efficient in treating osteoporosis but they all have unwanted secondary effects. This is why I prefer starting with:

 —Cortisone 9CH already mentioned.

—Calcarea compound 6 DH, 3 gr. Daily.

—Dissolvurol, colloidal silica, 60 to 120 drops daily (in two doses)

-BioSil  from Belgium, 3 to 9 drops a day (in a fruit juice because the taste is not very nice).

—D vitamin: Detrogyl, 3 drops daily (after assay of it in blood).

Eat calcium-rich food such as sardines (fresh, if possible), almonds…

And walk every day. Astronauts who spend many days in space in weightlessness and bedridden people see their bone densitometry decrease. I have heard that, to simulate walking, they get the base of their heels hammered daily. I have personally seen retired air stewardesses with a damaged bone-joint system but never read any publication about it. Stress, jet-lag, la raréfaction de l’oxygène, noise, vibrations, les irradiations cosmiques ; a little of each is probably responsible for the situation.

If the treatments I recommend don’t prove effective, it will always

be soon enough to try allopathy.

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