Quick! Answers and good news!
All over the world, disasters are announced but will not necessarily happen. Answers exist. Human genius progresses facing thoughtlessness of fake scientists who, in fact, are mercenaries feeding on new technologies that endanger our lives and all life on earth.

Isotherapy is a method for removing heavy metals as well as many pollutants due to synthetic molecules (according to recent estimates there are more than a hundred thousand of them).

I won’t make you wait any more. I have experimented on myself with success the medicine I shall know outline: progressive isotherapy. It is free, infinitely reproducible and will bring to the one that is promoting it here nothing more than the good news of your recovery and good health. It’s a form of homeopathic medicine.

Just in passing, a salute to Hanemann and Korsakoff, the inventors of it.

Isotherapy consists in using an infinitesimal dilution of a substance whether it is pathogen or not. Pathogen means able to trigger illnesses or symptoms.

Urinary isotherapy consists in diluting your own urine. It is normally sterile, since it is the product of the natural dialysis of your own blood.

We are not talking here about drinking your own urine. That would be urinotherapy and is part of the Ayurvedic tradition in medicine.


On the first day, a few drops of your own urine in a closing small container will be enough. Add water to its half; tap water will be suitable. That’s for dilution. Then comes energization: shake the bottle well about thirty times in all directions with the thought you are making a remedy that will cure you. Keep your feet well anchored on the ground, preferably on grass or soil and direct your look to the sky or the horizon.
You are in the process of making a homeopathic medicine 1K (first Korsakoffian). Empty then the bottle except for a few drops and repeat the process: half fill the bottle with tap water and shake it. You then get isotherapy 2K.Continue the same routine and you will successively get isotherapy 3, isotherapy 4K, isotherapy 5K and isotherapy 6K.

Isotherapy 6K. This is the medicine you can start taking today if you wish. A small liqueur glass will do. It’s homeopathy, nothing more than homeopathy. No danger. It’s absolutely safe but there may be a reaction as it may occur with any medicine. Just the proof it’s active. If there is an exceptional, never heard of, reaction, stop for three days (it’s called a “therapeutic window”) and resume. If the reaction occurs again, stop it for good. It has never happened but response is really individual to each person and every human being is unique. We are all built in the same way and yet all different from each other.

The isotherapy 6K bottle will be kept in a refrigerator with a visible label carrying the patient’s name and the date of preparation.

Next day (day N ° 2), throw away the contents of the bottle except for a few drops, and start again the process: dilution and energization. You then get 7K of which you drink a small liqueur glass and put the rest in the refrigerator. When you drink it, keep it two minutes in your mouth because like all homeopathic medicines it is perlingual (through the tongue). This means it will be absorbed under the tongue—a highly vascularized part of the mouth—and thus better absorbed in the blood and more quickly spread throughout the body. Continue the process every day: it can continue for any time and endlessly. In three years you will exceed isotherapy 1,000K.


There are now on earth more than 100,000 patented molecules most of them we don’t know the evolution of. Traces of pesticides forbidden for more than twenty years have been found in humans. Sea water now contains dreadful PCBs and Dioxin; tap water often contains antibiotics, hormones and even cocaine and heavy metals; and all that will, of course, end up in sea water.

By the way, a homeopathic publication informed us a few years ago that some pigeons, poisoned with arsenic, were treated with Arsenicum Album 15CH and had their arsenic level lowered.

Urinary isotherapy is very useful for treating allergies. An example doesn’t prove anything and yet: an 84-year-old man could not eat any more fish or shellfish because it gave him serious rashes. I help him get a urinary therapy. I meet him again a few months later and he tells me how surprised and happy he is: he is again able to eat fish without getting any skin reaction.

How can you explain that? As for any homeopathy treatment, nobody knows how it works; but it does and, and this is the important thing for both patients and homeopathic doctors.
There are more and more allergic people and allergens every day; especially among which many patented allopathic medicines. The more allergens, the more connected allergies there will be; the patient may end up by being allergic to everything, even to natural substances that will trigger rather than cause the allergy. Even allergies to the sun may occur (lucites) mostly induced by patented allopathic drugs. I treat them with Sol 5CH. Lucites are skin rashes of the acne type.

Sources of pollution have been very numerous in the last hundred years. Vaccines, patented drugs already mentioned, industrial pollutants, paints, glues, inks, stain removers, detergents, food preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, nitrates, sulfites, mercury (in dentistry), nickel in alloys used in coins, jewels, eyeglasses, etc. Let’s stop listing the pollution and let me tell you how to eliminate them from your body.


Because you increase the number of keys; just like a locksmith who may try hundreds of keys to open a door without breaking it. Groping in the dark it’s a painstaking task! Think that some pollutants will remain in the sea for hundreds of years, and let’s start helping our marvelous organisms get rid of the oldest as well as the most recent ones. Each dilution may match one of them with a maximum effectiveness against its toxic component. It works like the old Second World War computers that could break the enemy’s communication codes by trying for days every possible combination.
I seek recovery without creating problems; it’s not like those medicines that cover-up symptoms but add new disorders to an already suffering body.

I have been using simple urinary isotherapy on myself and on my clients for decades. I prepare it for my clients—because pharmacists are not, nowadays, allowed to use unsterilized human substances—for keeping in their own fridge. They take it daily for a month and then throw it away.
I prescribe simple urinary isotherapy in cases of allergies with good results (but you can’t expect a miracle every time!) as well as for hard to heal skin problems, autoimmune disorders and recurrent urinary troubles (once urine is sterile again).

Urinary “progressive” therapy is a new therapy I suggest for all of us, victims of known or unknown pollution, old or yet to come. It gratifies me to do that both for your health and for mine because there is nothing more frustrating than getting polluted and doing nothing about it.
So, if you feel like trying, do it; your health is yours. But don’t talk about it before trying it. You wouldn’t be convincing.

Other progressive isotherapies are possible; just with sea water, for instance. Sea water is the result of billions of years of washing up by rain of all the world minerals from the ground according to each one’s solubility; that’s why sodium is the most abundant element (as sodium chloride) in the sea, being the most soluble on earth; for the same reason, there is more gold in the sea that on earth, and most of rare earth. You can find in the sea more than 80 of the Mendeleev’s table of elements out of more than 200. Unfortunately, in the last hundred years have been added the above mentioned pollutants (don’t forget them!). I know I have been repeating myself a lot on this subject but I feel it is necessary to reassure patients.

Homeopathic dilution of all these harmful elements will make a medicine capable of cleaning up your organism and avoid many illnesses. You can use water from your favorite beach or from a port. If you wish I can provide a 6K dilution of the water of the beach of Fécamp in France. For a sea water progressive isotherapy, follow the above described process. This may prove worthwhile for those who would be averse to drinking their urine dilution.

Another possible isotherapy: if you have taken for many years a medicine whether it agreed with you or not, whether you still take it or have stopped taking it. If you suffer from its side effects, make a dilution of it. A problem may arise: the product is not always soluble especially if it is a tablet. In this case you will have to make a mother tincture (MT) by crushing and dissolving the tablet in 20° proof alcohol and wait 20 days shaking it every day. If you don’t have the right alcohol, you may use a glass of Port wine. After twenty days filter it (though it is not absolutely necessary) drink some of it and start the progressive dilution process. You can also use the process with vaccines: ask your doctor to give you the syringe (you own it) he used and start the process with the droplets left inside.
You can make MT out of any substance or material you know or you suspect gives you trouble: dog hairs, cat hairs, feathers (from a domestic bird or from a pillow), house dust. The same goes for paints, glues, varnishes, sawdust, etc.
The preparation of isotherapy may seem complicated but really is very simple. And note that after 5CH and 5K, there is no more active chemical in the liquid and so no danger whatsoever.
Have a nice isotherapy.
Send me your good news and don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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