1. TEARS

Tears are a godsend.
When I hear the repressed crying of a patient, when another patient grieved without crying, after a physical or psycho-emotional trauma, and, even more if a patient tells me he happens to cry anywhere at any time: at the bank, in a party with friends, or when he is with his loved ones; when he panics thinking he is on the verge of bursting into tears; I will recommend an exercise that consists in crying at a time and in a place he chooses; for there is no question of holding back that saving reaction of the organism. Tears are a godsend; they are a reaction, an emotional discharge, an evacuation, a cure.

 However, when he apologizes for crying when consulting I tell him that, on the contrary, it is the right place for it, I give him a few paper tissues and encourage him to continue.

 How can you trigger off your tears?

It’s like laughing: the one that comes mechanically during a “yoga laughing session” is just as effective as the spontaneous one due to a funny situation.

 But how can you cry to order? It’s very simple. Just remember a deeply distressing happening.

It’s your choice.

Don’t you remember?

A movie: Orphans of the Storm, by D.W.Griffith.

A novel: Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo, when Cosette gets a rough ride by the Thenardier couple.

A song: Céline by Hugues Aufray.

 . . . and every day, once or twice, as when taking a medicine, call your tears out for fifteen minutes (not more to prevent exhaustion) and welcome them as a godsend to clean up your mind and get rid of all the stories that come up constantly.

 But do that at the right time and in a chosen place!

 In homeopathy, for occasional tears: Ignatia 9, 15 or 30CH.

 And for repressed tears: Lachesis 15 CH.

 And as Hippocrates finish all its letters :

 « Take good care of yourself »


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